Osteopathic Treatment

At Balanced Life Osteopathy our Osteopaths use a variety of techniques that take into account a number of factors such as your age and health status, the area being treated, pre-existing conditions, body type and medical history. All of which direct a personalised treatment session.

Your Osteopathic treatment will involve many techniques with no two treatments being alike. Osteopathy as a medical profession is often referred to as not only a science but an art. It is the blending of different techniques that are specific for your individual needs that give Osteopathy its unique character. Treatment is safe for all ages from babies and children to the elderly due to the range of techniques available.

Direct Techniques:

  • Soft Tissue Technique (Massage)
  • Myofascial (MFR) Release
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
  • High Velocity Low Amplitude technique or manipulation
  • Visceral (Organ) techniques
  • Muscle stretching and articulation

Indirect Techniques:

  • Balanced Ligamentous Technique (BLT) & Functional Techniques
  • Counter-strain or positional release technique
  • Craniosacral techniques

Initial Osteopathic Consultation – 45 mins $130

For your initial consult, a practitioner will begin with a thorough case history and physical assessment. Depending on the information generated from the inquiry process, a treatment outline will be discussed with you and then implemented.

The treatment process is always conducted in a case by case manner. Some patients treatment may be concluded within a few treatment sessions, while others may take some weeks.

Advice on exercise, either gym related or home based is always given, along with advice concerning habits that may be impacting a patients health such as; poor work ergonomics, sleeping positions, basic diet related choices.

Subsequent Consultation – 30 mins $95

Subsequent treatment sessions will always include an estimated outline as to length of treatment required and feedback relating to the treatment process thus far.

Children and Pensioners – Initial Consultation $110 (subsequent consultation $85)

You can now book your osteopathic appointment online!

Please note: cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% of the total consultation cost may be charged.