How You can Benefit from Combining Massage with Osteopathy

How You can Benefit from Combining Massage with OsteopathyDid you know that massage in-between your Osteopathic treatments could be beneficial?

As an Osteopath, I am regularly educating my patients on how they can be proactive. Recommendations include exercises and stretches; ergonomic tools like back supports or pillows; home rehabilitation tools like foam rollers or D shaped rolls, and vitamins.

I’d like to share a story with you about how combing Massage both in-between, and with, your Osteopathic treatments can benefit you!

Patient #1:

Patient 1 has suffered from upper shoulder, posterior neck pain, with limited rotation of cervical spine to the right. This person had been experiencing these complaints for approximately 2 months, during which time they had commenced massage therapy. Despite some improvement with a weekly massage, the patient’s range of motion and cessation of pain improved only by about 50%.

In March, they started incorporating Osteopathic treatment in addition to the massage techniques. This included various cervical joint mobilizations such as supine traction, lateral flexion/rotation of C/S, along with C/S muscle energy techniques such as cervical forward flexion and cervical rotation. Cervical spine range of motion increased by an additional 50% after just one treatment. In addition, the patient’s perception of pain decreased substantially. By the 3rd treatment incorporating both Osteopathy and Massage techniques, the patient’s Range of Motion was restored fully and their pain was eliminated.

This person has continued with bi-monthly treatments as a preventative measure, but to date, the original complaints have not returned. Other signs that have improved, are a noticeable decrease in the hyper tonicity of the cervical muscles as well a decrease in the “boggy” feeling in the right upper trapezius area.


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