The Secret to Increasing Your Energy

The Secret to Increasing Your EnergyHave you ever noticed how when your back or neck is sore and in spasm, it seems to drain your energy and you feel lifeless?…..

Low energy affects many of us. Lack of energy can erode the quality of your life, limiting your ability to work and be productive. It can eat into your social life as you begin to avoid social contact or interaction because of your constant tiredness. Mentally, you can lose confidence in your ability as your memory, recall and cognitive function erode. Emotionally, constant low energy can make you feel anxious, feel worried a lot of the time, become irritable and moody especially at those close to you and those around you at work.

One of the reasons that people experience a lack of energy is due to poor posture and in-correct structural alignment. The musculo-skeletal system constitutes 60% of our body as a whole, and is also the major expender of energy (movement). Any increase in energy and activity on the musculo-skeletal system requires more output from the bodies internal viscera (ie: heart, lungs, adrenals etc.) The greater the activity on the musculo-skeletal system, the greater the demand is on all aspects of the body.

If the musculo-skeletal system is working at its optimal then an increase in demand is dispersed evenly throughout the body as a whole (all parts are in there rightful place and performing properly).

When dysfunction arises in the body …. you get a sore neck, back, knee, ankle, etc. This alters the efficiency of the musculo-skeletal system. It then requires an increase in energy for increased output (running) or normal output such as walking.

What does this mean? ….. If you lift an object incorrectly and “put your back out” the normal energy expenditure output for getting out of bed in the morning and going to the kitchen to make a coffee increases. If you decide you’re well enough to go to work or if you have no option but to go, the normal output increases for requirements of driving the car, sitting on the bus, sitting at work in front of the computer, etc. (the musculo-skeletal system is not aligned properly).

Studies have shown that restrictions in the lower limb (ie: ankle or knee) can increase the energy expenditure in normal walking by as much as 40% and if 2 joints are restricted (ie: both your ankle and knee), then the energy requirement can increase by as much as 300% which often happens when injuries are left untreated. Multiple restrictions throughout the body will restrict the overall movement and increase the energy consumption of the musculo-skeletal system. This has a direct effect on the maintenance of normal gait in addition to the way we sit, or stand, or drive a car, and can have an effect on other systems of the body too (cardiovascular/respiratory).

In a nut shell …. the secret to increasing your energy is ensuring that your body is free from dysfunction and in its best structural alignment. This enables you to maintain your ideal posture and ensures the least amount of energy is required for you to perform the necessary functions throughout your day. This means you have more energy left over for the things you love to do…

Let us know what you think. Have you noticed how your energy is drained when you have a sore neck, back, knee, ankle, etc?


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