Dr Nicholas Florance (Principal)

Nick Florance has been a keen sportsman all his life, often playing at an elite level. He suffered a series of debilitating lower back injuries at a young age that proved a mystery to fix for most medical practitioners. Through trial and error he was led to Osteopathy and thus developed a strong commitment to finding the best solutions in reducing a clients pain.

Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy), Master of Osteopathy, Member of Osteopathy Australia

Nick is a dedicated Osteopath with over 15 yrs experience in the primary health care field. He has worked closely with a number of experienced health professionals such as Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Chiropractors and other Osteopaths. Nick is currently the Principal Osteopath at Balanced Life Osteopathy in Brookvale.

Nick’s approach to Osteopathy is quite structural believing that the bony skeleton provides a blue print for whole body health. He treats each individual on the basis of their presenting complaint and seeks to engage the body’s own sense of self-regulation and self-healing through a broad range of osteopathic techniques.

As an Osteopath, Nick has treated a wide range of conditions from back pain, foot and knee problems, pelvic pain, whiplash and headache, disc injury and sciatica, pain resulting from poor work ergonomics such as carpal tunnel and jaw pain. He treats sports injuries, the elderly, rheumatism suffers and pregnancy.

A consultation with Nick will begin with a thorough case history and physical assessment. Treatment may incorporate a range of techniques from soft tissue release, articulation, joint mobilisation, manipulation and stretching. Nick offers education on exercise, work ergonomics, diet, posture patterns and lifestyle choices.

If you would like to make or change an appointment with Nick, please call (02) 9905 6339 or send an email to admin@balancedlifeosteopathy.com.au. Alternatively, book appointments online!


Dr James Latham (Osteopath)

James grew up on the Northern Beaches and upon finishing high school, travelled to Melbourne to attain his double degree of a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). Due to family health issues, James has always had a keen interest in the structure of human bodies, function and physiology which has been the driving force in his study, as well as his lifestyle.

James enjoys seeing a vast range of patients with all sort of injuries, acute or chronic, and utilises a thorough examination in order to diagnose and establish an effective multi-faceted treatment plan that is tailored to the individual. James uses a variety of Osteopathic techniques that engages the bodies self-healing mechanisms to encourage healing at multiple levels. He enjoys conversing with each and every patient on lifestyle factors that can improve their health quality of life, especially in regards to stress reduction.

In James’ spare time you will find him playing basketball, training at the gym or spending time at the beach with family and friends.

If you would like to make or change an appointment with James, please text him on +61 430 395 243. Alternatively, book appointments online!